Near  ready  to  take  on  batteries:

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have licensed their Minipak technologies to Brunton for a second generation product.

Medis Xtreme Charger Starter KitMedis 24-7 Power Pack Refill

Portable electronic devices in the market are going to begin to "starve" for energy in the near future, if they keep on increasing their energy demand with new and added functions. Clearly large electronics manufacturers are not going to let this happen, as it would cost them a fortune. New battery technology like the polymer-lithium battery(iPhone-4) is the limiting result that should satisfy the market for several more years.

Year 2013 now sees several fuel cell chargers from Horizon of Singapore, and their home hydrogen generator. Market penetration is anticipated to take several years as like any new technology. The MinPak will come down in price over the next few years, complementing the availability of the hydrogen fuel via refill options. Refilling of the HydroStiks can be done by a filling tree from bottled hydrogen, or by the HydroFill. The Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited via Stephen Zorbas, has worked with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies since year 2005.

Other micro-fuel cells for portable electronic devices:


Below is a year 2006 representation of what was on the horizon. Not all fuel cell developers have made it to year 2012 with products.


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