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Hyundai has delivered their commercial HFCV into Australia on the 10.12.2014 !  

Fairvale High is located on Thorney Road, Fairfield City  N.S.W. Australia. Principal Jeff Bromage and I (Stephen V Zorbas) (2004)  had several discussions over a few months regarding a possible pilot hydrogen and fuel cell science technologies education program. The Principal and I signed an M.O.U. regarding the program which was given the okay by The NSW Department of Education(2004). The hydrogen and fuel cell science and technologies program could as well participate in  The NSW Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS), Green Globe Awards-[ Education and Awareness category ](2005). Fairvale High as like many high schools throughout Australia since year 2004, have received materials from the F.C.I.A. and thus are now prepared for hydrogen and fuel cell science and technologies progression in the world. Thank you again Fairvale High School and former Principal Jeff Bromage. I would also Like to thank Mr Cheers my professor of Industrial Arts, as this man has had a profound impact on my knowledge of physics, mathematics, and engineering science.

"Words of Wisdom" for students and teachers : Never underestimate intuitive thinking processes, for they directed  Einstein,  and then he applied his powerful logical and analytical mind to prove such; Thomas Edison would be another giant in this field of intuitive thinking on it goes..


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