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The Fuel Cell Institute of Australia:

The institute was formed in year 2003 for educational purposes, and highlighted a clear pathway for educational fuel cells. Contradicting the hype involved in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies prior to year 2003, the institute decided the early markets would indeed be educational ones, and that larger fuel cells including automotive, would become commercially available beyond year 2010.

Educational Fuel Cells:

Working with Horizon Fuel Cells of Singapore early on, educational fuel cells were being demonstrated to be much cheaper and affordable that ever before. The institute did  assist initial products by Horizon Fuel Cells of Singapore. During this period of development, the institute built over twenty hydrogen fuel cell model cars for high schools, a University and Technical College. The institute as well appeared in a number of local newspapers, involving the hydrogen and fuel cell science and technologies program beginning in year 2004, along with the model fuel cars hand built by Stephen Zorbas.

The institute had communicated with every public high school in Australia, on two occasions over the last fifteen years. The institute provided a CD on one occasion, and a small report on the other. Renewable energy involving solar and wind, where also integrated with fuel cells for depicting an integrated micro-grid, that could power a small community in a decentralised way. This was done by Stephen Zorbas building a full model involving this, and demonstrating such to a Technical College and University.

Research and development of educational fuel cells programs:

The institute has received numerous requests from PhD applicants over the years, and has had to direct them to Australian Universities or The C.S.I.R.O. for possible employment. The reports written by Stephen Zorbas have as well been sought from overseas Universities, particularly in Asia requesting permission to use excerpts from those reports for their books.

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